In January 1950 Mr Ruurd Venhuizen started in Groningen a small “silver-plating” firm named EMBI, short for Edel Metaal Bedekkings Industrie (Precious Metal Plating Industry). This company was primarily engaged in the restoration of silver plated utensils of all kinds like cutlery, coffee- and teapots, serving dishes, etc..

Mr. Venhuizen in cooperation with his co-workers achieved a high degree of perfection in this craft. Then mr. Venhuizen decided to retire and assigned control of the company to mr. Walter Bosch.
Full of enthusiasm he carried on mr. Venhuizen’s work and created a totally new concept with regard to the metallization of non-conducting objects such as (children’s) shoes and natural flowers. This new concept was successful and the company prospered!

As a result of this success in 1980 EMBI left Groningen and moved in a newly built workshop in Drachten. During the next ten years the metallization of non-conducting objects was further developed and perfected and became the company’s main activity. In 1987 a further new development followed and a second workshop was built. Shortly thereafter, for environmental technical reasons a very modern (for that time) water purification plant was installed for the purification of effluent water, thus ensuring that, after a few modifications, EMBI’s production process is environmentally friendly.

EMBI has a large circle of clients outside the Netherlands. For that reason in 1999 EMBI changed her name into Electroplating EMBI.

Although the restoration of silver plating is still done by us -albeit on a small scale- with great pleasure, our main activities concern the metallization of….. You name it!

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