Bronze plating and silver plating of children’s shoes

Bronze plating and silver plating of children’s shoes is an ancient craft. Eighty years and probably longer ago, this was already done in a primitive way.

EMBI has developed a modern production method enabling us to deliver top quality.

The idea behind coating children’s shoes with a layer of metal is  to ‘immortalize’ it in its present state. It is a lasting souvenir of those touching first years of your infant. The wear and tear of the original shoe can still be seen after applying the metal coating.

Naturally we make sure that the shoe is in proper shape before the metal coating is applied. As a basis we apply a layer of copper on the shoes before we put on bronze, silver or gold plating.

In principle all types of shoes can be treated , but the type of shoe is indicative of the final result. That is why we advise you not to put silver plating on a shoe made of suede, textile or other rough materials but instead to use bronze or gold plating. Experience has shown that this gives the best results.

Besides children’s shoes we can also apply bronze, silver and gold plating on bigger shoes such as sports shoes, ballet shoes, soldier’s boots, mountaineering boots, walking shoes, etc. For example each year we produce the golden shoe for the ‘Dutch Soccer Player of the Year’.

silver plated shoebronze plated shoesilver plate shoeshoe gold plated - before and aftersilver plated soccer shoe

Pricelist silver, gold and bronze plating of Children’s Shoes

Delivery time 3 – 4 weeks

Bronze plated Silver plated Gold plated
Children’s shoe < 19 cm 57,00 67,00 143,00
High children’s shoe (higher than 12 cm) 96,00 132,00 223,00
Name engraving * 7,95 7,95 7,95
Date engraving ** 7,95 7,95 7,95

Other shoes

Bronze plated Silver plated Gold plated
Low shoe 19 – 26 cm 129,00 164,00 309,00
Low shoe 26 – 33 cm 193,00 264,00 483,00
Hoge schoen 19 – 26 cm 193,00 264,00 483,00
High shoe 19 – 26 cm 288,00 392,00 632,00
Clog (max. 20 cm) 69,00 83,00 154,00
Name engraving * 7,95 7,95 7,95
Date engraving ** 7,95 7,95 7,95

* first name = 1 engraving, first name and surname = 2 engraving.
** dd-mm-jj

All prices are for 1 shoe

The above mentioned prices are adviced retail prices in euros, inclusive VAT. Delivery costs will be charged extra. Retailers ask for your discount. Delivery time 3 – 4 weeks.